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Rachel Huckfeldt Assistant Professor in Ophthalmology Rachel_Huckfeldt@MEEI.HARVARD.EDU

Dr. Rachel Huckfeldt received her MD and PhD from Washington University in St. Louis. She did her residency in Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School followed a research fellowship with Dr. Jean Bennett (University of Pennsylvania) and clinical fellowships in Medical Retina (University of Iowa) and Inherited Retinal Disorders (Mass Eye and Ear).

Dr. Huckfeldt is a member of the Mass Eye and Ear Retina and Inherited Retinal Disorders (IRD) Services and has clinical practices in medical retina and inherited retinal disorders. She is the institutional leader for many of the natural history and interventional clinic trials currently active on the IRD Service.

Dr. Huckfeldt’s research interests include understanding genotype-phenotype relationships in patients with inherited retinal degenerations as well as developing a better mechanistic understanding of retinitis pigmentosa-associated cystoid macular edema so that more effective therapies can be employed.

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Email: Rachel_Huckfeldt@MEEI.HARVARD.EDU