Pierce Lab



From back left: Eric Pierce, Qi Zhang, Chan Wu, Aly Langsdorf, Conghui Zhang, Jingfa Zhang, Maria Sousa, Mike Farkas, Donita Garland, Jason Comander, Daniel Taub, Mark Consugar
From front left: Qin Liu, Kinga Bujakowska, Emily Place, Magdalena Staniszewska, Rosario Fernández Godino


The Pierce lab’s research is focused on the molecular genetics of inherited retinal disorders. Inherited retinal degenerations such as retinitis pigmentosa (RP) are common causes of blindness. Established in 2011, our team of scientists and technologists are dedicated to their research in an effort to improve our understanding of the molecular bases of inherited retinal degenerations and related cilia disorders so that rational therapies can be developed for these diseases. Click here to read the profile pages of each member of the Pierce Lab.

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