Louis Corbett, front left, learns the latest in eye research from Dr. Luk Vandenberghe.

Louis Corbett, 12, is losing his vision due to Retinitis Pigmentosa, an inherited retinal degeneration that also affects his older brother. His parents decided to take him on a “bucket-list” tour so he could see the world before his vision is permanently lost. An avid sports fan, Louis’ love for the Celtics brought him to Boston to watch a game and meet the team.

During his visit to Boston, Louis and his family stopped by the Ocular Genomics Institute, where  he met with Dr. Eric Pierce and Dr. Luk Vandenberghe.  The OGI  has several research projects devoted to finding the underlying causes of RP, and ultimately developing rational therapies and treatments for the disease.

The OGI was honored to make Louis' bucket list; he is an inspiration to our research and our goal for finding cures of inherited retinal degenerations.  



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